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Whelen M4 led lightheads steady burn model
  • Whelen M4 led lightheads steady burn model

    Used condition fully bench tested and working. Removed off Harley Davison police motorcycles. These are the steady burn (dumb) model and were run off an external led flasher.

    These are in excellent cosmetic shape and most have crystal clear lenses with vary minor scratches or scuffs. Each includes a rubber gasket and chrome bezels are available for $5 each.

    We have red, blue, or a split red blue head. The split unit is split horizontally instead of the standard vertical split with the smartled versions. Units may or may not have a plug attached.

    Multiple available and will ship at random. Date and version codes may vary.

    These steady burn and will need a led flasher, Whelen carbide, cantrol, or core to flash(dvi patterns may not work properly due to age)

      LED color