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Whelen V23 multipurpose super led warning light
  • Whelen V23 multipurpose super led warning light

    Used condition. Removed off decommissioned first responder vehicles. We have multiple in stock and each will include a rubber mounting gasket and black plastic bezel. May or may not have screws.

    These warning lights have 6 white leds for takedown lighting that can be used for scene illumination, 4 white leds for puddle lighting to light up the ground beneath the light and 6 warning leds in a 180 degree light output for adequate warning to the sides and front. The warning light is available in either red or blue and has a built in flasher. Takedown and puddle are steady burn.

    We have multiple of these in stock and may not receive the exact pictured unit. All were used and will have light cosmetic wear from routine use including light Lense yellowing, scratches, scuffs grime etc. Some have short wires as pictures but will ship last as most have longer wires. Date codes will vary.

      LED color